About us

We are a small Dutch company specialized in building custom specified robot systems for Chemical laboratory purposes. The Systems we build have the following two key points which are:

A) Flexibility
We can handle several sample preparations for different methods within the same system. We are able to connect to most analytical devices and LIMS systems. Anlytical devices are for example from Metrohm (Tiamo, Titrators or IC), Mettler (Titrators, Balances, Moisture), Sartorius (Balances, Moisture) Thermo (Spectrophotometers), Spectro (ICP) etc,

The software which we developed requires no programming skills and can control simultaneous various different methods. Our robot control software (ARC) has proven itself over ten years by our costumers worldwide.

B) Reliability
Systems are built to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in which reliability is a key factor.
Quality is therefore one of our main issues in production and selection of co-suppliers (Like Festo, SMC, Jetter etc). If possible we will use equipment from third parties, if necessary we will build engineer en built special devices using our own toolshop.